Refúgio dos Fidalguinhos

Refúgio dos Fidalguinhos opened on May 15, 2006 with a building built from scratch, after many defendants, advice and impositions by the Ministry of Solidarity and Social Security, the Ministry of Education and the National Fire Service.

It was only in 2009 that we expanded our range of services to 1º CEB, with an edition next to the old one, after several incentives from parents so that we could continue to continue our services.

This school continues the principles of rigor and quality in the refuge of the already known nobles.

The institution has, since its existence, been recognized not only by parents, but also by other entities with whom we work or are regulated, for the excellent work that has been carried out with children.

We collaborate with families to detect inadequacies, deficiencies and early so that they are detected and resolved earlier, in order to affect the future of children.

Contributor of pretenders to the development and education of the child, putting in their disguise all the necessary means for their growth and the development of their personality and character. We will ensure that the country has a comfortable and safe environment, using the most modern and appropriate pedagogical methods, contributing to the training of children who will be the country’s future adults.